Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Do you remember your wedding cake?

If there's a wedding, there has to be a cake!
But what to do if one of us loves chocolate (guess who!)and the other likes key lime flavor? It was an easy challenge for the best cake baker in Albuquerque- Dawn Sanchez (a woman of a great heart).We had one cake but it contained those two! Our guests were able to choose which one they prefered (or both!).
Our wedding cake was the best ! As much as I love chocolate (yes, it's me) I wasn't able to eat my piece up! It was so yummy and rich and chocolaty. Everyone enjoyed it. It had to be green because of Irish accent in our story. We planned to keep some cake for our first anniversary but I couldn't resist temptation and it's all gone by now.
I have to say thank you to our great neighbor Kate who knows Dawn and recommended her. Kate, thanks so much for your continuous support since the beginning of my stay in Duke City!

Please let me know if you have any wedding cake memories!Thx!


  1. Hi Ania ! the cake is beautiful and looks absolutly delicious ! Keep a piece for me next time :p

  2. Yeah, I can't wait for us to meet and have a piece of cake together :-)