Sunday, August 16, 2009

Magda & Jérôme's love story (written by Magda)

I Know Ania since 1st year of primary school :-) I had many occasion to see how nice and friendly person she is. We spent many hours on talking and I heard a lot about Jaime. I know it was not easy for her to wait and be so far from the man she loved. Many people would not be patient enough to stay in long-distance relationship but Ania and Jaime didn’t give up on their love and now they live together in happiness :-)
Congratulation and good luck for future!

And here is my “love story”:

Magda & Jérôme

We met on 30.08.2005 in my apartment in Lublin. Jérôme was invited by Ania to visit Poland. How Jérôme met Ania it is a long story: Jérôme has a fiend Lindsay who had girlfriend Aurelie. Ania went to Ireland to work as an au pair, the same did Aurelie and as they were working on the same street the two girls became friends. Jérôme likes traveling so he went to Ireland to see Aurelie and he met also Ania. Ania told him to go to Poland because it is also interesting country.
At this time I couldn’t find a job. I tried hard to find and I was very depressed about negative results. And I had a big dream to go to Rome. But I didn’t have enough money even for the shortest trip to Italy. When Ania told me that somebody from another country would come to visit Poland, I wanted to go for some holidays so much, that I was ready to begged her to take me with them. Ania agreed without begging and we also invited my friend Magda and decided to go together to Krakow and Zakopane. I thought: “Krakow is also beautiful and for Rome I will wait until I find a man of my life and he will like walking and we will spent romantic holidays in Rome walking all days” I didn’t know yet that postponing realization of my dream is the best I could do to make it happen :-)
Jerome and Ania arrived to my apartment and we spent two days on visiting the region and after we took the bus to go to Krakow. It was not love from the first sight and at the beginning we were not even sure we can like each other: Jérôme thought I was not nice and I found Jérôme very strange. But I had some intuition that he is a good person and after talking longer with him I thought he is ok. I felt “dangerously” good with him but I didn’t want to fall in love with somebody who lives so far and I decided to be cold and keep the distance. We spent nice week and when was time to say goodbye at the airport I was surprise how sad and lonely I felt without Jérôme.
Fortunately Jérôme sent me email and we started to chat by internet. And one day Jérôme wrote he could come to Poland again in November. He arrived on 25.11.2005 and he gave me two big Belgian chocolates which made me very happy because I love chocolate. On next day we were walking all day visiting Warsaw and in the evening we went to Mexican restaurant and spent very romantic evening. In the hotel we were listening to the music on my mp3 player and this night Jérôme kissed me for the first time :-) During the week Jérôme had to stay alone because I had just found a job and I couldn’t take a day off. But we spent nice evenings together watching concerts on dvd and talking. On next weekend we went to Torun, which looked very beautiful even at this time of the year. Jérôme talked with me seriously: that we should give a chance to this love and the distance is not so big it is only 2 hours by plane, and he would try to come to Poland as often as he can. These words melted my heart completely. We decided to be together, we were sending emails, smses, chating on msn and talking on the phone. Jérôme arrive again at the end of December and in March and I went to see him in Belgium in May. It was interesting to see how he lives and meet his friends. As a present-surprise for my birthday Jérôme organized one day trip to Paris. It was very romantic :-)
And in September we went for our first holidays together: 4 days in Rome and 5 days at the seaside in Italy. And we were walking and walking all days. In Rome we found very nice and calm botanical garden, it was very pleasant place comparing with hot streets full of tourists.
In July 2007 I arrived to Belgium with my books and some clothes, to live with Jérôme. We rented small but cosy apartment in Brussels. On 26.04.2008 we took civil marriage – the weather was beautiful, the trees had many flowers and we were very happy. We choose our favorite songs for the ceremony: one polish romantic old song: “Z toba chce ogladac swiat” Wodeckiego and one more crazy “Take me with you” Prince.
Now we have another dream: buy an apartment or small house to create our home.

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  1. Magda and Jerome, thank you so much for sharing your amazing story! I remember your first meeting :-) It makes me smile! You guys rock ! Good luck for the future! And hopefully- see you soon!